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iSTRYM is designed to affordably support clinicians and their clients by capturing actionable data to significantly optimize mental health outcomes.

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The Future of Mental Health Is Here

iSTRYM is a state of the art medical-clinical practice management solution that brings together innovative healing solutions to improve personalized client care. iSTRYM is a leading tool delivering personalized medicine for mental health. At MINDCURE, we call it delivering Mental Wealth™.

iSTRYM enhances engagement and control for both clinicians and patients from preparation to post-therapy integration.
Drive clinical outcomes like never before with customizable dashboards, personalized insights, and AI-supported therapeutic interventions.


Help prepare patients with supportive procedures.
Gather information prior to each session for more optimized care, reduced onboarding and review time, and enhanced patient throughput.
Monitor compliance and biologic responses to interventions.


Drive interventions based on real-time data captured during the session.
Augment music therapy and monitor responses with iSTRYM's proprietary Mood Palette™.
Capture and analyze in-session audio containing key insights into the patient's journey.


Digitally gather, analyze, and integrate biometric data and psychometric monitoring to effortlessly drive behavioral interventions.
Ensure compliance of care and effectiveness in delivering sound mental health solutions to patients beyond the clinical setting.

Streamline & Customize Workflow

Save time and improve patient care by leveraging workflow automations, such as portal-based assessments and customizable questionnaires.
Access a database for clinical protocols and administrative help with secure and efficient digitization of patient file creation and follow-up.
Support patients’ healing journeys by streamlining post-session behavioral prescriptions.
Communicate safely and securely with patients in a privacy-compliant chat/text portal.

Chart a Path to Wellness

We take care of the charts and much more.

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iSTRYM at SANA Symposium 2021

Improve Psychedelic Journeys for Patients

Breakthroughs & Efficacy Beyond the Clinic

Connect to mobile devices and wearables to deliver integrative behavioral therapy in the form of breathwork, meditation, music protocols, and voice and text journaling.

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